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Elysian (Greek) Definition - Beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect.

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Our Approach

Hailing from Australia and drawing inspiration from her Greek heritage, Mandi Lebbos has given life to ELYSIAN GODDESS – a collection of exquisite luxury silk gowns designed for women of all body shapes and sizes.

Mandi, known for her prowess in the world of PR, has spent years crafting her own designs and donning them at prestigious Hollywood red carpet events. The attention and inquiries she received about the designer behind the gowns led her to embark on the journey of creating ELYSIAN GODDESS.

The driving force behind ELYSIAN GODDESS is to ensure that every woman feels not only confident but also empowered – truly embodying the essence of a 'Goddess'.
Her debut Ethereal Collection is a tribute to the fearless females who have touched her life – from Georgia to Doris, Alexandria, Vesna, Coco, and Jami Raye.

Each ELYSIAN GODDESS piece is crafted and designed in the USA, a true statement of opulence. The collection features a distinctive custom print made from five yards of 100% Mulberry silk. The signature design, with its fluid and voluminous silhouettes, takes on a magical transformation when draped. These gowns are a timeless addition to any woman's wardrobe, exuding an elegance that's versatile enough for everyday wear, yet adds a touch of theatricality.

Mandi describes the silk as coming to life with every subtle movement. Her designs are inclusive, accessible, and theatrical, while still being suitable for day-to-day life. The aim of every ELYSIAN GODDESS piece is to make the wearer feel like the most important woman in the world – a sentiment that captures the heart of this collection.

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